Its amazing the things we remember.

Memories. Like a scrapbook literally playing through our heads. The ones we want. The ones we dont want. The things that lie in the back of our minds. They flood our conscious. Darken our nightmares and enlighten our dreams. Memories. Full of moving pictures or motionless time frames that keep us remembering what happens next.

Isn’t it funny how we get accustomed to things. For so long, we have this routine. Everyday will be the same. No worries. No stress. Because at the end of the day, we know how the day will end. The people we talk to. The words we say. The actions we do. And then again, its actions that speak louder than words. And the absence of those actions that mean even more.

And we talk about criticism. We talk about appreciating people. And how they just seem to balance each other out. Because every single person deserves a compliment all the time. And every single person deserves to be criticized when the other person doesn’t think its being done right. And I dont expect the compliments. And I dont expect to be told “Man, you’re truly amazing.” I dont ask for that. I just do the things that I think are right. Attempting perfection when perfection cannot be achieved.


And its hard to clear our heads. Its hard to just have a blank slate in my mind. To close my eyes and just see the back of my eyelids. Because my thoughts are always churning. My thoughts are always running. Thinking what could be done? What needs to be done? What can I do better? What are my goals? And there are certain things that never leave my mind. And its a cycle that people are trying to break. But it cant be broken without a key.


I dont know where to begin with these memories. Tonight I wish my mind would be blank and fresh and at ease. Just for tonight.


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