An important key component to any kind of relationship. Communication is everything. In the absence of words, it says everything and with the presence of words, it says everything too. Words have a meaning. A purpose. Communication has been an important topic throughout my entire life but recently its been a challenge that I have been facing. 

I was never one for public speaking. When I became an RA though, my voice changed. I really spoke up. I made claims. I said what I needed to say. But communication is still a resounding challenge that I face. And in all reality, it depends on the situation and the purpose in which you are trying to communicate. Every single person is different. Every person reacts differently to communication. Im fairly open with my friends but to my family and others, Im not as open as I want to be. And even with most of my friends, IM not as open as I should be. But Ive most certainly gotten better. Im honest about my feelings. Im speaking up. I never used to do that. Words have started filling my head. 

Conflict is a connecting point to my communication though. If it involves conflict or the idea of conflict arising, I tend to not communicate as well. I have a hard time voicing my opinion. I have a hard time standing up for what I am saying even though when I do say things, I say them without hesitation because I believe in them. And sometimes I say things that just burst out. 

I often write better than I speak. Because my thoughts love to be seen in paper. I can easily erase them to make them sound right. To make them sound what IM thinking about. But talking….much more complicated. You can just reverse what you say without looking foolish. Thats what I write. But texting, thats a whole another paragraph. 

Todays society has become impersonal with technology. More often than not, most people are communicating via email and texting but not face to face. Face to face is a lot more simpler. You can read the reactions that people are posing. You can see the emotion. You cannot see the emotion however in a text. 

So for now, my goal is to continue to grow in communicating. Be more open with myself and stand up for what I believe in. I need to resolve the conflict that will arise with communication and not be scared to challenge the system. Communication is the most important key factor I know. Without communication there is chaos. Theres disorganization and falling a parts. 

Communicate communicate communicate because you’ll never know when you can no longer communicate with that person. 


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