5 Things I wish I had done in College, 5 Things I did do

There are many things I wish I had done in college. College is supposed to be the time of your life. The time you have to experience and meet new people and go crazy. College is supposed to be full of drama and love and laughter and memories. So heres to the ten things that I wish I had done while I was in college.

1. GO TO A REAL PARTY. I never went to a single frat party. Never to a party held by someone. Never went to a party where is was scary when the police came and showed up at the door. Although Im glad I was never hanging my head over a strangers toilet or that I didn’t get alcohol spilt all over me due to drunkenness, I kinda wish I had gone to at least one to experience this event that more than half the student body does every week.

2. STUDY ABROAD. Yes, a very known thing they tell you that you should always do. Never had the chance. Never had the time. Never had the money. I came close one time but I didn’t have the fee to submit the application. I always wanted to go to Namibia Africa. That was my favorite location. If you have the opportunity, start early, save money and apply for scholarships.

3. Went to a College Basketball Game. Our basketball team wasn’t very good, so I didn’t see the need to go. I had a ticket once but I have it away. I heard they were insane and very school spirited. Kinda wish I had that opportunity to go to one. Ive been to the women’s games but not the mens. Too far. Have to actually get a ticket. And then you have to wait in line. Nah. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t that cool kid that was on ESPN.

4. Roomed with a complete stranger. Don’t get my wrong, living with your friend has its perks but in most cases, living with your best friend is not the ideal choice you should make. Try meeting a stranger. Sometimes its awesome. Sometimes its not. I wish I had done this at one point in time. I could have made an awesome best friend or even an enemy but it would have taught me some valuable lessons.

5. Found a church group on campus.   I didn’t have the time to find a good church and when I did, it was always during my classes. Funny how that works out. I wanted specific church. Not one that said I was going to hell for everything that I did. Not one that judged me for wearing a tee shirt and shorts to shirt (God doesn’t care what you wear!). I wanted one that was non-denominational and that played really awesome music. Couldn’t find one. Look for one.


And then again, I did some amazing things that I will never forget in college. Things that some of you should try while you are at college. And this is my first set of advice to those that are in college or those that are moving into that area in your life.

1. Become an RA.  This job changed my life. I don’t know where I would be without it today. I can think of a few places but really, this was the best opportunity that I put myself in. I made a lot of amazing friends. Gained valuable experience with many different categories and learned many lessons. If not become an RA, work for an ON CAMPUS job.

2. Join an Organization. I was nominated into NRHH and from the day I started, I want to make it better. Wanted to make it more amazing. It gave me a drive to make other peoples lives better. I became VP of Service and Ive never been so involved in my life (except for NJROTC). This gave me the opportunity to help other people. I didn’t expect anything in return. It makes your heart warm and fuzzy.

3. Played a sport.  This year I took the liberty to join the NCSU Women’s Rugby Team. I was scared poodles. I didn’t like to be tackled but I risked my life pretty much to join this time. And it was amazing. I met a lot of really nice girls and it changed my outlook on females and males in general. I also played intramural. Meeting new people that love the same things as you do is an amazing thing to experience in college.

4. Keep Up on Your Grades.  I kept up with my grades for the most part in college. I didn’t slack off and do anything I wanted to do. I came to college for a reason and I have an honors sash to prove it now. Im proud of my work although I wish I had had a little more fun in college. But in the end, I did have fun. So that makes it all the better.

5. Do something out of your comfort zone.  With that said, I played for the first time in front of an audience. I played guitar and I hated playing in front of people but last year, I joined SOMAD and opened up. This was the first time and it was worth it. Now I can play comfortably in front of anyone (most anyone) and Ive gotten more better at guitar because of this. Sometimes its okay to go out of your comfort zone. It would surprise you by how much you could do.


This is my rant about college for now. Later on, I will have a more detailed blog about my college years and what I did. It’ll be a long diary excerpt but it’ll be amazing and



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