The inevitable question

Have you ever been asked “Are you okay?” That question is inevitable. So commonly asked. So overloaded with answers that it shouldn’t even be a question. Its like asking a new mother what she’s going to name her daughter or son after giving birth and not ever once giving it a thought. Its impossible to answer. So try asking me that question…..”Are you okay?”……..well really it depends on what you are asking. 


I think the weather is amazing. Its gorgeous outside and the sun is shining. Or maybe thats not what you are talking about. Let me re-answer that question then. My grades are doing pretty well. I might have all B’s and maybe a C…..well a D could be possible too….well thats not okay with me. Did I really answer your question? No? Ummmm let me think….what could you possibly be asking about? 

I mean really. That question could be asked about so many different things. But asking in general or exactly at that exact moment or your day in general….maybe your week? I think I might have a heart attack when I need to be answering this question. Currently I am frustrated more than I have been in a long time. Tick tock reverse back a couple months ago. Words flew off the mouth and everything was dandy. Things happened and then they went away. Now lets speed things up. Til right about… Every other day…..take away those days in between and thats how much the conversation is flowing. Its as stale as a piece of bread thats been out for a month. Hard as brick, its broken into a million little pieces when it hits the floor…..or maybe when a hammer hits it. So today. The day meant to happen with any form of communication and its kablam in less than two questions. 

And as  my car vent was readily available to those that are usually sitting in the car. The people that usually use the air to breathe and the ones that have two ears and two hands and eyes on their head. Those people…..the ones that used to or could have had potential conversations with…they went poof. SO where do the words flow when there is no meeting. Where do they flow when the words are no longer right and the opinions become cuss words. Where do they go when you seem unimportant to those around you that really cared so much? Where does that hope go? And I literally just want to scream. And yell and run for a million miles. Because the one decent conversation that is applicable for the entire week was voluntary. The many conversations that turn sour. The answering of a phone with the attitude of a taxpayer who had no tax returns. To the water and sun that gave life. 

Knock it off. STAHHPPP IT! Pretending there’s a care. Pretending theres nothing there. Pretending to be blind. Be honest to me. That would be kind. 


I feel like everyone is lying straight to my face. And it sucks. sucks. sucks. 


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