Little Things


Things are starting to feel real. Its only a matter of time before I walk across that stage and grab my diploma. In this post, I dont want to talk about my past 4 years (that post will soon come) but Id rather talk about my future. Nothing can ever really prepare you to walk into the big world. From dorm rooms to apartments. From stipends to bills. Being able to take naps everyday to working everyday. Its a transition that everyone must eventually do in their lifetime, whether its at the age of 22 or at the age of 35 when you decide to leave your parents house. As the days tick down, I sit here contemplating on what my future really holds for me. I have so many plans and so many ambitions but really only choosing one is tremendously hard. I mean, it took me a year and half to really figure out my major. It took me three years to decide that I wanted to do Higher Education…..and yet, I still want to be an animal cop.

So really, I know I’m searching for this perfect job and I want to do sooooo many things. And leaving here, after 4 long years of leaving in Tucker Hall, its going to be sad. And I’ll be coming back to visit. Ill definitely be around campus to see all my friends who are still here and everyone else. Its not like I’m leaving forever. Knowing this will make it easier for me not to cry on closing day but I know deep down that I probably will anyways. Its near impossible to keep in contact with all my friends and eventually, I know they and I wont have time for each other. But its the right now that counts. Its the present. And right now, things are working out. Things are fine and I dont need to rush and I dont need to be in an single hurry to make sure things get done.

Im a strange individual. I have come to that conclusion. And further down the road, I will experience love, a fulfilling happiness and memories that will last a lifetime. And although I dont know exactly what lies in store for me as I go down the road, I know deep down I have the friends and family and enemies to keep me moving on. And I know that I whatever I decide to do, I’ll be happy and content. I might not know now but eventually I will. So why rush. Why hurry?


In the end, things will work out for the best.


One thought on “Little Things

  1. Yes, you think you aren’t leaving, but you are! Say your good byes and keep the friends close. It’s a new chapter in your life and you’re going to be just fine.

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