The Letter I Never Gave You

Dear Voldemort,

Making my way back home. Walking fast. Facing the past and IM homebound. Staring blankly ahead and Im trying to make my way through this crowd. And I miss you. And now I wonder. If I fell into the sky, would you think time would pass me by. You know I would walk back all those miles just so I could see you one more night.

There are times when Im thinking of you and Im curious if you are thinking about me or would you rather me just be a precious memory. You hold all my secrets in the bag. You hold the master key to my life. You know my ups and downs. You know what buttons to push. And I don’t know what urks me about you so much. I thought that you being the one in the crowd with the glow in your eyes was a sign. Where you held your hand on mine that one day. Where ending hugs and the longing look in your eyes to want so much more.

What are the risks. Ever feel the need to let them show. Having trouble with speaking or trusting your instincts or do you think you already know. Theres an angel on your right and the devil on your left. My vocal chords fight my thoughts. Never saying what I want to say to my mind. Stuck with my tongue tied. He is the one that I did find. How come the only thing that is killing me is making me feel so alive. These ships are sinking. These bridges are burning. And the clouds are dumping buckets of water. And we are flopping fish out of water. Because he is the words I cannot find. Killing me but making me feel so alive.

Im picking these flower petals. He loves me. He loves me not. I couldn’t breathe to save my life. Light of the world. We are stepping down into the darkness. You opened my eyes to make me see the beauty. And the bonds are breaking. My mind is twisting. Because at one point, we are the lowest valleys in this trench. And at others, we are the everest of mountains. And some days, you are pushing me into the valleys from the tops of everest. And then you are motivating me up those mountains to the top. But what are we doing? We are running out of parachutes. And I couldn’t tell you. I couldn’t give you that letter. I will never know how much that would have cost.

And Ive seen a cheat. Ive been broken and beat. Ive been plundered and robbed. Pick-pocketed by cupid and trampled by the worlds best jockey and his horse. Creeped on and felt upon. It poured down tears like the rains of the flood. I can’t help but think about it all over again until you write me off again. Seeing you once again brought back to life. You came around like you were dignified. Showed me how to cry. You are the man I adore. What is your heart for? Whats going on?

Take this letter. Take this pen. Time is disappearing. Communication is dwindling. Interested or not, I need the words or Ill be torn.

Please check yes or no. Bring me inside or kick me to the curb. I know it makes no sense and I don’t know what to do. How can I move on when Im still falling for you? Could you please do me a favor…….and tell me will anything ever happen or is it just a thing of the past?


Harry Potter


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