Walk a Mile in my Shoes


Its not everyday you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Tennis shoes. Sandals. High Heels. Wedges. Maybe no shoes at all. My feet occasionally wear socks so maybe the title of this blog should be Walk a Mile in my Socks. In most cases, you’ll see me wearing mis match socks. Black Puma Socks with different colors stripes to be exact. When I lay in bed at night though, they have to be peeled off my bare skin. Picked off by my toes and left to lay in a restful state underneath the sheets. Until I remake my bed and find the countless socks under my sheets in due time for laundry. 

As my school days are finally leaving my mindset, Im only wishing they will be my renewed future very soon. Classroom settings. People laughing. Walking on campus and being a student. If I could be a college student forever, I think I would be. And people ask me….why, why Higher Education. And maybe thats why. I love the atmosphere. The drama. Teaching the next generation. Its something thats been in my head and heart for the last 4 years. I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine where I would be if I hadn’t become an RA. So you ask me why? Its because I want to make a difference…the same kind difference I got when I was a freshmen in college. I want to teach the next generation and help them transition. I want to pick their mind for the newest inventions and ideas. I want to be there for when they grow up from freshies to people wearing cap and gowns. And to this day, it is still my passion to become a person who works for Higher Education and Student Affairs. 

As I sit here in my house during this summer, a lot of thoughts are escaping my mind. Trying to figure out what I really want in this life and how Im going to get to there. And as each of my plans start to back fire one by one and I see all of my friends moving on to bigger and better lives, Im starting to create other plans for myself. Some of these plans are not what others would expect and in most cases, these plans have been there all along. And in the end, whether the people around me hate or love what I do, as long as Im happy, thats all that matters. Whether Im serving the military and going to OCS or being in grad school getting my masters and possibly my doctorate in something…….things will work out. 

But as the time winds down, its getting harder and harder to see the right path. The path that is meant for my passion and motivation. The path maybe not with the least resistant but the path that I want most in life. I heard a phrase the other day and it said “Follow the right path but make your own trail.” and thats exactly what I intend to do. So as I continue to work my minimum wage job renting bikes to tourist on the beach, Ill look forward to the day in where everything will fall into place. Where I find someone to hold and love and start a family with. Whether the sharp pains in my chest go away or stay forever, thats to be determined. Whether people will finally believe that I am in fact lactose intolerant and that my body will explode on the inside from eating cheese. 

So bear with us. Bear with the people who have yet to start their own lives. Bear with the people who are still trying to get a job and make a life for themselves. Please bear with the people who are trying to better the world in some way or another. In reality, life isn’t as easy  as the adults tell you it is because in reality, they aren’t the college kids we are now in this generation and in this time. Things are more competitive. Things are harder and more challenging. Things are more expensive and technology has taken over. So lets rise up against this. Lets do this together. Lets walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Lets rise up against the challenges and obstacles and beat them. Because we are better than this. We are one. 


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