Day One: Unlock the Mind


Free write huh? I haven’t done one of these since middle school. I don’t really know what to write about though. My mind is just a jumble of things. Really, I could start anywhere. Im at work. Its not my favorite job, just sitting in the shack located in the Marriott at Carolina Beach but Im here regardless of what any one says because in reality, I need need need the money. Because as much as people say Money isn’t everything………its most of life. You need money for a house. Your bills. Your phone. Its seen in almost everything we do. But we can have happiness 😀

So this job as I was saying. Ive been here for about 7 years now. Its not that bad. I started off a s a vendor. Pushing a cart. Through tons and tons of sand. It was horrible. I got sunburned. And my muscles got huge. I almost lost the cart in the ocean too. Is this really what a free write it? Gosh,  I hate these. They are just…… wasteful. I really just want to move on to the next part of the challenge please?

And in real life and in my mind, I just want to move on and into the next phase of my life. I want to get my own apartment and get my job that I love. I want to find someone that can keep up and make me laugh everyday. I want to start a family and settle down. And all the while, I just want to join the military and serve my country. Is that such a bad thing?  I really wish I knew. But I don’t wish for life to fly by I just wish I wasn’t stuck here. Stuck in this phase of having NOTHING to do. Its killing me. I got a college degree…….so why am I sitting in a closet full of dirty rags, sandy boogie boards and a bunch of paper. Such craziness there!

Im done with this free write. I can’t unlock my mind if the theme doesn’t even give me a key to open it up.


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