So this is me. Lovely isn’t it? So for those of you that live on the East Coast, you may have heard of the Krispy Kreme Challenge. those on the West and middle of the US…..maybe not. So I’ll explain what it is first. Krispy Kreme is a famous donut franchise that pretty much just serves Glazed Donuts. So this challenge was created a couple years ago by a bunch of NC States student who thought it would be a good idea to run 2.5 miles to the Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen donuts and then run back. Seems pretty simple but in fact, its not all that simple. So I’ll tell you the story of my one and only Krispy Kreme Challenge Race Day.


Every year, this challenge is held in February. Always cold. Usually raining. Just our luck. We get there super early and people start filing in. Teams are coming in as well and people are dressed in all kinds of costumes. We even saw a 7 person dragon. Once the gun shot was fired, everyone ran. I was with my best friend. She hated me from the start for making her do the challenge but I didn’t want to do it alone so I got her to do it with me. We pretty much huffed and puffed all the way there. Once we sat down, we looked at the donuts and went YUM YUM and started eating away. I took a stack of three and smooched them into one and stuffed my face. Halfway through, I could feel my arteries being clogged with the glaze. I only made it through three donuts. But the best part of the challenge for those that weren’t competing was that we didn’t HAVE to eat all the donuts. So we ran back after consuming just a fourth of the donuts. Along the run back, lots of people were puking. Throw up was everywhere pretty much. Soon we crossed the finish line. It was great. So the picture above it a picture of me eating my stack of three. The best part of the whole challenge though……all profits go to the children’s hospital. This year, we raised over 250,000 dollars for the hospital, an all time record. Each year, the check goes up and up. Its amazing……throwing up for charity. But as everyone says “DONUT EVER GIVE UP!”


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