Saint nothing but a thing!

Saint Nothing but a Thing says the “Saint of Wonderful Catastrophes

Not sure how I feel about this theme. Because the first thing that pops up into my head is…….a saint?…..a person someone idolizes that has done something great. I mean thats really what they are right? You got Saint Jude and Saint Christopher or is there something I’m missing? But seeing how being a saint is better than being nothing, then I suppose I could figure something out. 

If I had to be the Saint of Something….it would most likely be the “Saint of Wonderful Catastrophes”. We are all human so therefore we all make mistakes as any human should do. And myself, being the melodramatic person that I am…..well, Id have to say my life has tons and tons of chaos that I just can’t seem to get rid of. Whether its getting into a sticky situation or a lack of money or broken bones and numerous health issues, my life is revolved around disaster. But the thing is, I don’t shun it away. AS much as people hate chaos and change, I almost embrace it as if it were apart of my life. Things happen for a reason. And who are we if we are perfect? No one is perfect. Its impossible to be the Saint that people look up to without having some sort of dent on your record. 

As much as I hate drama in my own life, I love helping others that have drama wrapped around their middle finger. It challenges us in many ways in which we must make a decision to get to the next level. So Id love to say I have regrets but I don’t. Things that have happened have put me where I am today and I enjoy where I am today. Although, IM a graduate from NC State and I have no “real” job, I didn’t make it into grad school and I work on the beach selling umbrellas and chairs, things could be way worse. So lets face it. These catastrophes that happen to us, they are wonderful. They knock us off our feet but we always find a way to get right back up. So really, its saint nothing but a thing!


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