Don’t know what you got til its gone

Earth. Planet Earth. Simply rotating around the sun with a moon rotating around it. 

When first reading this prompt, I thought I would never opt to live on Mars. Mars is hot. Dusty. Downright unlivable. Id rather die on earth than go to Mars. There are just soooooo many things about Earth that I wouldnt want to give up.  So can I just combine everything into one and say this. Im gonna miss Nature. Nature is what defines Planet Earth. Its not the technology. Or the knowledge. Its not the people or the buildings. Its exactly what it is. A rock ball with nature on it. 

The fresh air. Being able to breathe freely is the biggest issue I would have. Not being able to sustain any kind of live on Mars would be a big No No. Pure air, even polluted air is better than trying to breathe through a tube the entire time. Then what about the water. The nice cool ocean water. Or lake water. Or springs and rivers. I mean, not being able to feel the coolness and purity of water on your skin. That would be devastating as well. Last but not least, what about all of the animals that live on earth. Everything consisting of bears and lions to single celled organism. Everything has a purpose. 

Nature. Nature is important. And when people figure that out here on Planet Earth, then maybe the world would be a better place. Last but not least, I would miss the colors of the Earth. 

 nature wallpapers  for desktop 2014

 nature wallpapers  for desktop 2014


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