The Serial Killer

We all lose things. Usually its the case in where we accidentally lose it. That we involuntarily lose it. Something we just didn’t mean to throw out. That wasn’t the case with me though. I was put in a situation in where I had to make a choice. A choice between staying with the one I love vs trying something new. 

Im twenty-two years old. People have always told me that High School love isn’t real. That we never know what love is at that age. But thats when I met my high school sweet heart. We were on and off and things were a bit bumpy but we always came back to each other in the end. The last time we dated it was for 18 months. I was in college and he had stayed back home. I had met a new guy. Someone that I constantly saw everyday. It scared me. And I fell for him. I knew originally that I wanted to get married to my current boyfriend but being away from him and finding this new guy really changed my perspective. I was blinded by the fact that there could be something more. With that said, I broke up with my current boyfriend in hopes that Id be dating the new guy.

I didn’t really know what I was thinking. It just felt right at the time and I was craving someone that could always be there. Thing is, my ex….he was always there. Even if he wasn’t there in person, he was there emotionally and mentally. And that is something I had lost. Something I gave away all on my own. I gave it away by choice. 

Is it cliche that I lost love because thats exactly what I lost. I lost something that was truly amazing and I was blind to see what was really right in front of my face the entire time. At this point in time, Im trying to figure out how to get it back. Thing is…….he moved all the way to TN. Over 10 hours in driving. Im hoping it’ll work out. Hoping and praying that things can still be the same. Advice: when you’re in love, try not to let it go.


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