I met you but somehow didn’t really meet you

Im stuck in this parallel universe. One that was promised. One that was supposed to happen. Im stuck with this picture in my head of thinking somethings gonna change but it never does. I met this person last year…..and yes, this was supposed to be for 2014. I understand that. But this person, I didn’t really get to meet until January of 2014. At this point in time, I really got to know this person.

As the twist would ask for though, I can’t dwell on the details. I can’t explain to you what they looked like. Where they lived. I can’t give every single juicy detail about it because I just can’t. Its one of those stories where if you said anything, everything would be ruined, even though it partially is anyways.

Somehow after 18 months with someone, I felt this connection all over again. It wasn’t normal though. It felt strange. It felt fast. It felt different. And I can’t explain it. It just felt right…..at the time. I got to know them. They got to know me. And somewhere in my mind, it heard “it’ll work out”. Things will change as soon as a couple months pass. And it got closer. And closer and closer. Until one day, they said “forget about it”.

So I’ll explain this to you. Imagine a seedling. One that was super small. Meeting on the first day kind of feeling. And you plant it. Nothing happens. For a long time.  You water it. You give it sunlight. But still you see nothing. Live it little clues that its gonna be okay. And then out of the blue, BAM you see leaves sprouting. Its January. And a stem starts growing. And then you see the rachis. And more leaves. And finally a blossoming flower. And now imagine this………

A big FAT cow comes and eats it. And then craps on that same spot.

This person I met. Truly interesting. Had something in them. A sparkle. A glimmer of hope. A silver lining.

And then POOF, its gone. With no explanation.

Now tell me thats not interesting. 


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