12 years old. 12 years too new.

Where was I at 12 years old. Lets see. Think. Think. Think. There we go.

I was just getting accustomed to me new house. And when I say accustomed, Ill saw managing my emotions on an entirely new level. During this time, I was off galavanting with my father. Parents are divorced, so this time of year, it was his turn to hold the leash and take care of us kids. When I got back from this adventure though…..my whole world was new.

We had moved. No hint. No news. As soon as we get back, dad drives down a different street. Different hood. Different life. New House. New Friends. New School. New everything. But something even more new. Instead of sharing a room with my two sisters, I only had to share a room with one! Holy cow.

This was a two story house. 4 bedrooms. 2 baths. Fairly new….until the Neujahrs got into it. New dog. Crazy kids. I started a new school. New kid on the block. I knew absolutely no one. Except for my sis. Story of my life right?

My walls were blue. Like the mood I had when I moved in. It had dolphins and whales on the wall though. It was peaceful. Slightly interesting but a whole new life. A whole new world. Wont you share this whole new world with me.


Dueces. Im done with this blog.


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