Day 12: Subtle clues to an unhidden past

Dark clouds. If only, if only the woodpecker sighs. The bark on the tree is as soft as the sky. Less than a year ago. Fatal results. A wedding ring in a dream for the girl to say only two words. I do. 3 months later. Clean slate. Clean world. Clean me.



– Your so subtle.

– I know.

– I like you.

– I kinda like you too.


And thats how it all ended. Buts its a beginning. Only to rampage toward an end. To a nasty end. With sad goodbyes and million mile trips. That conversation. Sappy. Blind sided. Unlively but it made me feel alive. I lived those months freely. Free spiritedly. And I knew nothing of what was behind. In my head. Yes. In my heart. Yes. Always there. Always beating.

Now whats there to be. Down on one knee. Who to choose. Either way, I lose.

How can I want something so bad and something so little keep me from having it. Its only a choice. Its a voluntary thing. Nothing to be forced. But the mind works in mysterious ways. The mind works in devious ways. And the Mind tells the Heart what it wants.


I hate you for doing this to me. I hate you for making me love you and taking it all away. I hate you for what you’re doing now. So why do I still like you?



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