I represent the PROCRASTination on sleeping

Rituals. Everyone has them. Me. Its quite the same. Same thing right before I go to bed. I sit down in my comfy arm chair recliner and click on the TV. Whether Im watching Orange it the New Black or Game of Thrones, its some sort of TV Show. I continue this watching until I figure “Maybe its time to go to bed”. I usually have to wake up early for work, so going to bed around 11 pm or midnight is my typical bed time.

Once Ive engaged myself into the TV world, I try and pull myself out for a couple mins. Click. There goes the TV. VROOMMM. The whirring of the recliner footrest moving back down. Whoosh. I throw the blankets off me. Flip. There goes the light switch in the bathroom. Squirgle. Theres the toilet flushing. Shhhhhh. Theres the water running and washing my hands. Then I head to the kitchen.

Pop. Open the fridge. Bam. Slam of the cupboard. Grab a cup and pour me something to drink before I hit the hay. Down my esophagus. And now its officially bedtime. Come here! Come on! Get over here! All three dogs come running to my room. Plop. Hop. Turn around. They make themselves comfortable on my bed before I have the chance to lay down. Switch. Turn on the fan. One beside the bed. One on the wall. And then flick…..goes the light switch. Thats when I jump in bed. Dogs of course have to get up. One dog curls up around my chest and arms. The other curls up in the crook of me knees. And Lector, the biggest dog lays still facing the door…..acting like a guard dog.

Click. Plug in the cell phone. Check my latest messages. And then set my alarm. Flip the phone upside so it won’t light up. And then lay my head down on the soft pillow. In 3……2…..1……sleeping has started.


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