This groundhog doesn’t see her shadow.

There are a lot of things in where I wouldn’t go back. Because we learn from our mistakes. We cherish the bad and we also cherish the good. Does anyone recall what happened this past Sunday? If you don’t, that might make me cry just a little bit. It was the World Cup Game with the United States playing against Portugal. This game was essential to us moving on and clenching a spot in the next round. But I won’t get into details with soccer and who won and what not. I want to talk about what happened before the storm.

Buffalo Wild Wings. Also known as BDUBS. Most people know what this is. Its pretty much a sports bar. So after a long hard week and being 22 myself, I thought hey, why not get a drink. I mean it is the World Cup. It is a bar. And I am of age. So my friend and I order a drink. I get the small Angry Orchard….little alcohol if any. And my friend gets a mixed drink. Simple enough. Wrong. 

We were at the table with some other people. All of them under age and/or of course in a youth group. Christians do drink by the way. Wine is referenced in the bible numerous times. Well my other friend mentioned that the youth pastor was coming and that he didn’t want to be around alcohol…..making a long story short. So I put mine in a styrofoam cup….looks like soda. NBD. My other drinking friend downed hers but said she was going to get another one. Thats when all Hell breaks loose

A stranger at the table then said to my friend “I think one drink is good enough for you.” Now I could understand if my friend had been tipsy or drunk but she was nowhere close. Her bubbly attitude mixed in with intense excitement for the game may have made it look like she was tipsy but she wasn’t. These people judge her before they even knew her. As the pastor arrived, they all slowly moved outside one by one. The 14 table grew small until it was just us two. We felt pretty much judged and hated from then on out. But I only have one thing to say about this. If you plan on bringing your kids to a BAR that is hosting a SPORTING EVENT in where there are other DRUNK people and you are with people OF AGE…..then put your big panties on and get over it. That may not have been your best decision to begin with. 

I understand their perspective too. Drinking around kids that are involved with a youth pastor….not the best idea. But we could have been forewarned. Therefore thats my story. But after writing it and thinking over it and processing it…….would I go back and change it? I wouldn’t change what happened. I would have said something right then and there. I would have told them how I felt about the whole thing. Angry. Upset. Disappointed. To know judgmental people even though the BIBLE says treat everyone equal. 

Vent sesh out. 


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