Oh the Aroma!

Out of our 5 senses, which appeals to you the most? Touch and taste. Seeing and hearing. Or is it smelling? 

Summertime Funtime! At least thats what they say. When I think about summer, I smell the smells of summer. And most of those smells are associated at where I work. You guessed it…..the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Now picture a carnival area with lots of shops and hotels. Thats where I work. So here are the smells. 

Occasionally its the sweat from people not thinking to wear deodorant on a day thats 92 degrees. Or maybe the burnt skin from the tourist who forgot to wear sunscreen. Then the smells of the Boardwalk. The funnel cakes. The cigarettes. The occasions pot smoker. And of course, there is always the famous Britts Donuts. Everyone and their mother has to come out and try those donuts. They are famous. No really, people from all over the country come and get Britts. Its insane. But thats what I smell everyday. Something I associate summer with though…..

Id like to say Cookouts. Fresh patties on the grill with some hot dogs on the side. Then chlorine for the pool side entertainment. Of course, the smell of freshly cut grass because thats when everyone mows their lawn. And gasoline because its almost everyday where I have to fill up my gas tank to get somewhere. These are the smells of summer. These are cliche. But these are the smells.


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