Does anyone actually?

Im trying to figure out if anyone actually read these? If these blogs actually make sense to anyone? Or do people feel sorry for not reading them and then liking them, making others believe that they actually did in fact read the blog?


Am I the only one who thinks about this? Because when Im typing away, I think to myself, is this person actually reading this? Usually I type in general but sometimes, I type to specific people. I type to that one boy or that one girl, in hopes that they might read it and then they probably don’t. But isn’t that the point of blogging? Its to get things off your chest right even if people don’t read it? Well I thoughts thats what they were about. 

I have a million scars on my arm right now. Almost as if I was in a fight with a lawn mower and lost. It looks bad to be honest. I had two dogs attack me in the pool. And not literally attack. They thought I was drowning….so jumping on my was their best option. 

Im ready to write more meaningful blogs. I think I need another month of prompts please? 


One thought on “Does anyone actually?

  1. Yup, keep getting things off your chest even if people aren’t reading. Do it for yourself and surprisingly people start showing up and reading, which really blew my mind!

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