Fear is ….

The enemy is fear; we think its hate, but its really fear.

Fear is amazing. The power of fear can control someones entire life. Its immeasurable. Its something that creeps into the crevices of our thoughts, into our brains, through the blood and into our heart. With all the feels, we can feel fear before anything happens. It can predict the future all because of things that happen in the past.

If I could live a life without fear, maybe things would be better. But in reality, I think things could become worse. I wouldn’t think about risk and I would do things on a whim. I would go with the flow and not think about the consequences. Just because you have fear, doesn’t mean you can’t gather up the courage to become something more. Fear is only present if you allow it to be.

But I believe fear puts us in our place. Fear is something that everyone will have because it prepares us for the worst. If people had no fear, then life would be like the Purge. Everyone would be doing everything and anything under the world to get ahead. They would kill without the fear of being caught. Females wouldn’t be afraid that men would attack them if they took a dark alley home on the way to their car.

I believe fear is something that everyone has and needs because it puts us on a balancing act. It helps people remain in check. But we should have the fear of taking risk. We should have the courage to be more then we are.

We are who we are. Fear or not, we choose to be courageous.


4 thoughts on “Fear is ….

  1. We need fear because we need to be human, and that is terrifying in itself. To need to be weak. But we do, we need to be who we are and to be where we are. Taking away fear is all about fear because it is running away.

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