I have a hard time…..

…with expressing myself. Because it seems like my only goal is to make others happy. Is that a bad thing? Is that something we shouldn’t do? I mean, I love seeing the smile on other peoples faces. Hearing them laugh. Hearing them be happy. Thats what makes me happy. But in the back of my head, its asking me “Are you happy though?”

So Ive been put in this situation in where I have found opportunities for myself. And around every corner, people are against it because its doesn’t benefit them like it usually does. Seems like when the perfect opportunity shows up for MUAH…..then everyone hates it, hates me or is just dissatisfied. Is that fair?

Ive always been the crap end of the stick. Doing the grunt work. Putting others before myself. Thats what I usually do. But not this time. This time, its different.

SO everyone who is dissatisfied with my actions??? Get off your high horse. You aren’t the only person in this world that means something.



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