I represent the Procrasti-NATION in the Olympics

As much as I would love to say that I keep a level head and that I have everything sorted out and good to go……I don’t 😀 I try. I do. I do. I do. But sometimes, we just have to procrastinate. We can’t work ALL the time. That would lead to a dull and boring life and everyone knows…..we just can’t have one of those. So what exactly do I do with my spare time…better yet with time that I should be doing other things. Well I have a list and here it goes:

1) Facebook
2) Check my email and bank account
3) Then I check wordpress
4) If nothing satisfies me on there, I get off the computer
5) Go find something to eat
6) Sit in a comfy chair
7) Turn on Netflix
8) And watch countless upon countless hours of TV
9) Once TV bores me, I get up
10) Find a comfy couch and take a nap

11) If its gorgeous outside, I go to the beach
12) Take a nap on the sand
13) And play guitar

Other than that, I don’t procrastinate. I try to get things done on time. What I usually do is get whatever it is that I need done and then screw around with aimless activities later. Its not often that I have nothing to do. IM usually working…..pretty much….all the time. So having free time is really a leisure for me.

But I do love me some soft music and a couch to lay on. That just sounds wonderful to me.


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