Age Defying

Age really is just a number. Its nothing out of the ordinary but seemingly enough when you are younger, age matters a whole lot more than when you are older. You can be married when you are 4 years apart but if you are dating someone 4 years apart in high school, its the end of the world. I had that experience first hand and boy was it one of those things that I hated. Because age really is just a number.

I’m 22 years old but when people look at me, they ask so what high school do you go to. I look young but I most certainly don’t act like an immature high school student. Ive been mature for quite a long time now actually. Ever since I learned how to tie my shoes, Ive been reading books under the stairs and working on my penmanship. I worked my butt off in high school to get into a 4 year university and then I worked even harder in college to make sure my loans only amounted to $4000. I paid off my college mostly on my own by working with the university. So when people ask how old am I, I proudly say 22 years old. I proudly say Im a graduate of NC State University.

And yes, people constantly tell me “You’ll love looking young when you are old.” Well maybe then I will but at this moment in time, I would love to be considered an adult. Things would be a lot easier.IMG_1887 IMG_1894 IMG_1935 IMG_2169


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