Is anyone willing?

Is anyone willing to lend an ear? Listen to my thoughts? Can anyone hear me out there? 

Could I possibly explain my life right now. If I could take a road trip, I would. I would run away from it all. I would probably go to Colorado. Live in the mountains. Look at the sunset. And star at the stars. If I could take a road trip, I would blast country and mixed music the whole way up to where ever I was going. I would roll all the windows down. And speed down the road. 


I would eat fast food and stay at a bed and breakfast. Is this stir crazy. Why is the base of this foundation crumbling? I would drive across country. Lay in the back of my truck……well I don’t have a truck actually but if I were to take a road trip, thats exactly what I would do…I would get a truck. Drive for miles and miles. Get lost along the back roads. I would take out a camera and take multiple pictures of everything. So Ive decided. I would visit all the major National Parks. I would go to Yellowstone. And the Appalachians. I would visit Yosemite and the Smokies. I would see the Redwood Forest. And dive into caves. I would ride bikes on the dirt trails and parasail off of Kill Devil Hills. 


Would anyone be willing to join? I make lovely company. And I would listen to you talk. I would sing along on the radio with you. And play the ABC game.


Please help me with the paths that Im taking. Because I know Im heading down the right path but at the moment, I am taking the struggle bus all the way down it. 




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