Preparation for Life

No one ever tells you what you are going to expect when starting your new journey. College doesn’t really prepare you for the real world and doesn’t give you a class about how to handle your life AFTER college. Nothing really mentally prepares you for an empty bank account and once countless hours dwindling down to barely seconds of getting by. 

The real world as they say… really the real world. I really had no idea what I was doing after I was denied access to Graduate School. I thought maybe I would get a job and wait another year til my grad school opportunity came back. That wasn’t the case though. I was offered an opportunity to do amazing things with high school students and help students who were asking for help. This opportunity was golden with diamonds embellished into it. Upon taking my job, everything really shifted. 

The journey of finding an apartment wasn’t all to horribly bad. Things were harder when locations weren’t good enough, rent was too much and application paperwork was in a time crunch to see who would get the apartment first. After what seemed like weeks of getting my paperwork done and finally being accepted into a decent and lovely apartment, bills upon bills upon bills wrecked havoc on my bank account. What they didn’t tell you in college is that when you buy anything for your new apartment, there is always money that you will need. 

1) Money for the U-haul and gas. 

2) Money for the Storage Unit

3) Money to start your water, electricity and internet…..and thats WITHOUT usage and only start up.

4) Money to buy new furniture, pots and pans, bedrooms sets, bathroom sets and food…..dont forget everything you would need to keep your place clean.

5) Money for Application Fees, Administration Fees, Security Deposits, and First Months Rent. 

6) Not to mention the fact of driving back and forth to your apartment and all the gas money you would need to pay for it.

These are just a FEW of the things that no one really thinks about when moving into a brand new place. I thought the idea of having good credit was being able to use your credit card to pay off bills but most everywhere now only accepts REAL money. 

Time is valuable as well. Time is something I don’t have. Money is something I don’t have. And help is hard to find in these parts of town. 

But its slowly progressing. With the help of my family and a few friends in the area, I will be able to get things done and in a timely manner. And hopefully when I get my feet settled in and propped up on the desk watching Netflix in my brand new apartment, my checks will come in just in time for me to pay off the rent and the bills for that month. 

I never knew what living paycheck to paycheck felt like until now and Im only 22 years old.

If your kids wished they were grown up now, wait until they actually have to do things on their own. 

Things I cant wait to do in my apartment: walk around with no fear of people coming in. Burning candles and having the place smell amazing. Cooking my own food and watching my own TV. Not having to worry about my bathroom and the amount of Hot Water, getting my own cat because dogs are too hard to take care of right now and having a place to my own and to call Home, have guest over so they can compliment my new place and just be able to relax after a long day of work. 

That’ll be the day, that will be the day.





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