Things I hear vs Things I want to hear

Its not just a word. Its many words. And words that people don’t say. That also has an effect on people. 

Sometimes we only hear what we want to hear. Most people call it selective listening. Some would call it ignorance. Others would call it being deaf. I on the other hand hear even the things people don’t say. I see what they want to say in their eyes. And I see whats about to come off their lips. This would be the reverse of selective listening. This is assumed listening. In assuming you already know what the other person is going to say. This in fact is not an awesome trait. Its one that I wish I sometimes didn’t have. Because we don’t always like to know what people are thinking and saying and acting. So what would I like to hear instead?

I think you’re making a huge mistake. vs  I may not agree but in doing this, you will learn new things. I support you. 

Oh man, you’re not gonna be able to do that. vs Its gonna be hard but I think you’ll be able to manage it. 

Wow really. Hmmm how about that. vs Man, Im really proud of you.

Its gonna be rough. Pretty much you’re gonna hate it. vs Im not gonna lie, its gonna be rough but you’re gonna get through it. Its gonna be okay. 


I love when people speak the truth. When they are honest. When they don’t hold back. But having a positive attitude isn’t bad to have. I feel today’s society only focuses on the bad and the old when we really should be focusing on the positive and the new. We should focus on how we can make a difference in someone else’s life instead of thinking about me me me all the time. Its easy to care for yourself when you have others caring about you too so why not share the love. Why not share your experience. Why not take that experience and make it into something positive and show the world what its really like. 

Have you ever felt like people were holding you back. As if they wanted you to stay. They wanted you to fail. They won’t say what you really want to hear. Have you ever felt like people were tugging on you in the wrong way because they won’t say whats on their mind. 

Im not going to lie. I had a privileged life. There were rare days when I was hungry. I went to a nice school. I had a cell phone in high school. I had friends. I had a family. But thats not what makes a person a person. Its their story. Its what has become of them. I worked hard to where I got today. I may not have thousands of dollars in loans but thats because I worked for 3 years and cut out most extra curricula’s to ensure I didn’t have loans. I lived in a single parent household. I grew up where I saw people that I love fall victim to drugs. Ive seen a parent go to jail and I saw what life was like behind the bars. Yeah, I went to a nice four year institution but thats because I worked hard in school. I didn’t skip class. I made the grades and the scores. And that school got me to where I am today. Ive seen and helped others who needed it. Ive been the shoulder to cry on and the person to call for help when the other person couldn’t. 

We all have a story. We all have something to say. So why don’t we open up our ears and listen. Listen to what people have to say. Listen to someones story. And see what its like in their eyes before we judge them. 


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