Things are Never Easy

I cant remember the last time something was just…..handed to me. I work for everything. Fight for everything. Dedicate myself to the things I put my mind too. 


And right now…….everything is so reckless. My thoughts. My mind. My feelings. And I just want to explode and scream and cry all at the same time. Because things aren’t easy right now. They are complicated. They are strange. They couldn’t be any more obscure. Because life is NOT EASY.

And Im walking on eggshells. And running on nails. And pulling my hair out and for every step I take forward….its two steps back. 



And I don’t know what to do……

……because crying is for weak people…………

……and I never ask for help…….

……….and for once, I wish things would be easier.


2 thoughts on “Things are Never Easy

  1. I keep getting told that life still comes at you like a bullet, it is all in learning how to deal with it when it does. Ask for help, please ask for help. In doing so, you are actually helping the other person more than yourself.
    I know how you feel believe it or not, and it gets better, and gets worse, but eventually it gets a whole lot better. And then eventually you will be taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, because none of us ever get it perfect.

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