A hate robot.

A robot that could take away one thing that I hated. Just one thing? Now thats unacceptable. Because there are just so many things that I dislike. And that lovely robot can have just about all of them

Id first like to start off with the human body. Matter of fact, the female body. You can just have my cycle. That would be great. And I know, I know….all the guys are like “Um thats gross. We don’t need to hear that.” But Im hear to enlighten some of you so called men. As we have our uterus walls ripped apart from the inside, the rest of our body is bloated. And as we gush blood out of our you know whats, all men tell us its no big deal. Well when you feel like theres a sumo wrestler laying on your junk and stomach, give me a call. The next time I say Im on my period…..you better back off. 

Next is the headaches. It never fails that by the end of the day, I have a splitting headache. No matter how much water I drink. No matter how much sugar I eat to keep my blood levels up. No matter how many aspirin I shove down my throat, my headache will not go away. The only remedy is sleep. And if awakened from that at a bad time, then all hell breaks loose in the brain. Imagine a water balloon filling up….and up….and up. Thats my head. Until it burst!

My friends. Or most of my friends. You know, its hard to find some decent friends in this world. Try finding some that don’t talk behind your back. Ones that actually give you a call once in awhile. Ones that will help you move. Ones that ask for nothing in return. Ones that give a damn. Hmmm….lets see……..yeah. Not many of those around here. 

My indecisiveness. Thats the last thing you can take from me Mr Hate Robot. Because frankly, I would love to make a decision and be happy with it. Jobs. Significant other. Plans. The fact that my anxiety takes over my entire life is a huge problem. Take that too. Thanks, with much love. 

Good night WordPress. 


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