The hues of the School Blues

School. Ive loved every minute of it. I loved going to school early. I love attending classes. I loved staying after school. Ever since I was born, my brain has wanted to dive into a plethora of information. As a kid in the summer, I didn’t go outside. I sat under the stairs and read books. I literally had a wheelboro, the red racer one, with tons and tons of books in it. As I got older, I worked on my penmanship. My sister and I would always compete with whoever had the best handwriting. I constantly made straight A’s and I was what students say a “Teachers Pet”. 

Summer wasn’t ideal for me after school got out. I begged for school to come back every year. Even when I went off to college, I didn’t love the idea of summer. Yes, it was nice to have a vacation but I only needed a week. Not 3 months. I loved having a schedule. I didn’t like things to be messy and chaotic. It was just complicated for summer to be a thing in my life. And as a teacher / advisor at a high school now, Im looking forward to having a set schedule. IM sure working here will make me love the idea of summer. But summer was a hated thing.

Before I got this job, I worked at a beach in NC. Tourist upon tourist coming to my work. Day in and Day out. I even worked when it was raining because people were that “smart” to come to the beach when it was raining. I hated the traffic. The increase in gas prices. The presence of kids of everywhere. But I do enjoy the sun. And the tanning days. Those were good summer days. 

I think as I age, I will enjoy summer. But in reality, I don’t think summer matters much to anyone with a job that works year round. Technically there is no summer for them. They need to take off to have a summer. 

Summer and I, we have a love hate relationship. 


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