Why Thank You?

Ive always been one to shove off compliments as they come at me. Of course I love to be recognized for my hard work and I want people to notice. And yes, its nice for someone to say “Wow, you did a really great job.” or the “Im really proud of you.” Yes, those are the things that Im most willing to accept and move on with. 

But to be honest, I don’t get complimented much now-a-days. Im not one for trying to impress people with looks and make up and nice clothes. I don’t need a nice car or a perfect house to make people like me. Im just a normal random young adult trying to make a life for myself. So Im here to tell you the types of compliments I have received and ones that really make me who I am. 

For starters, I want to say that I am a 22 year old NC State alumni. My entire life, Ive been dedicated to helping others and serving the community in some way. I was in JROTC for 4 years and after high school, I went to college and became a RA and AC for 3 years. This job allowed me to help students all across the college level. And now, after college, I am working at a high school, trying to help students get into college. Students who may not have the resources to get them there on their own. So the typical compliment that I get is:

“You’re like our mom.”………..and I guess this is a good thing. They are typically saying that Im the one to remind me of the important things. I keep them on track. I make sure everyone is safe and feeling awesome. Thats just the RA in me I guess. But sometimes I feel like this is an insult because then maybe it means that Im no fun. I like to get people in trouble. Or I’m a busybody. And thats totally not who I am. 

“You have beautiful eyes”……this is the look compliment I get most of the time. Its because my eyes aren’t brown. They aren’t green or blue. But they are an array of colors. My eyes start out with a black pupil and then with a burst of orange around the pupil and then a splash of green on the outside. Uniquely I have “eye debris” in my eyes. This would be a black speck in each eye resembling a speck of dirt or “trash” as people call it. I for one love my eye debris and so do others.

“You’re complicated but thats why I love you.”….Im not even sure how to go about this compliment? I don’t like complicating things. I like making things easier for people. End of Story.


But yesterday while I was at work, a student was talking to me in my office and said “Im glad you are here now. We need someone like you at this school.” Now thats a compliment. Thank you random student. Im glad someone can appreciate the things that I do. 


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