Easvesdropping at its Finest!

I dont eavesdrop. Nahhhh. That doesnt happen. Nope. Not at all.

Thing is, I really dont. When im working, I dont strain to hear what other people are saying. I dont care about the other topics that people are involved in. I dont eavesdrop on people and their conversations. Im so wrapped up in my own work and conversations, I dont really hear other people.

But now that you mention, I did hear a snippet of information today. Its not that huge of a deal but its something to write about right? Guess Im a hipocrit 😀


I work at a high school. My title is College Advisor and I help students get into college pretty much. I work with SAT’s and ACT’s. Help with college admissions and writing essays. Anything college related, you bet I am working with that student to make sure they are successful. So as I was writing my next few appointments on a sticky note, I heard a student talking to one of the staff in the building and she said “Mrs. XXXXXXX said that I was going to be working at McDonald’s.”

Now as a college adviser, I find that appalling that a teacher would say that to a student. No offense to anyone who works there but McDonald’s is not the job that you want after you get out of high school. You want to go to college and make it big and make money. McDonald’s is for students who are at high school just trying to get a little extra cash. Other than that, a student shouldn’t be focusing on her career at a fast food chain. Unless she plans on being the manager of that chain, then I hope she doesn’t heed the words her teacher told her. I hope she fights and fights and fights to get into college.


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