High School Days

I find this rather ironic. Im technically an adult. I pay my own bills. I live in my own apartment. I live by myself and I have a professional job. Thing is though, Im working at a High School and even though I am 22 years old, I literally look like a 15 year old. Sad, I know.


So it seems I am living this life without even asking for it. So what did I do exactly on my first day. I spent it in my office. Hiding from the judgmental students and wanna-be jocks. I steered clear of the cheerleaders and loveable couples. I made sure not to get in any ones way. But what if I were actually a student? What would I do? Id make sure to be the class clown. I would joke around and meet a bunch of new people. Id talk to the teacher after class to ensure they knew who I was. Thats what I would do. To survive in school means having people on your side. Having teachers like you. And making friends.

Middle school was scary. High school was even scarier but in reality, if I were put in that same situation, I would do the same exact thing I did when I was really that age. I loved school hence me working here again so all in all, Id be myself and make the best of life 🙂


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