Another mans trash is another mans treasure (different perspective)


500 years from now, my stuff would be gone. Dust to dust and ashes to ashes. In 500 years the things we have today would have evaporated by the suns exposure and the weather and the bugs that creep and crawl.

But if there was something called magic and it was real, then this person would find an array of things. They wouldnt find the typical normal human stuff though. They would believe that everyone played a musical instrument and played sports. They would think that the world was unhealthy by the amounts of pizza and hot pockets in the freezer.

They would lay on my couch and they would really think “Man, this leather is comfy” or they would really hate it. Art wouldn’t exist because I have no art in my house due to it all being in my office. I also have no sense of furniture placement so they would think that all humans are unorganized and sloppy but Im really not.

Other than that, people 500 years from now would be so technology driven, they wouldnt care about the old stuff. They would be so immersed in their phones and laptops and tv screens to even care about the past and what it held. I believe the people 500 years from now will be slaves to robots and everyone is going to be super unhappy with all of the pollution this world is gaining from todays society.


Not only would there be pollution and robot masters, but there would be even more obese people in the world. Countries will be at war even more than they are today.


In 500 years, they can think whatever they want about the lifestyle we have today but in reality there will greater obstacles in that era of time.


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