“Not Important”

Amazing story and perspective.


“Hey Bill, found some more.” Tanya said as she stared at her screen. “Get the robots over here to start digging.”

She hates her job. Government pays her to search out remnants of buildings destroyed by the great earthquake of 2047, along the New Madrid fault line. She doesn’t understand why the government really cares about this stuff, it happened over 400 years ago. All they find are worthless pieces of crap that probably meant something to those people back then, but not really worth anything now.

It is just Tanya, Bill and three archa2000 robots going through this area that was known as Mississippi, Hernando was the name of the city. She is so glad that everything is just coordinates on a map now, no need for names of cities. What’s the point?

“Where you want them to dig?” Bill asks as he leads the robots towards where…

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