Royals and Gold Crowns

From gold crowns to comfy throne seats, I couldnt possibly ever imagine being in a royal family. From growing up in a single parent home, taking out loans / working my way through college, being royal would be so FORIEGN to me.

But if a miraculous event were to occur and I became a royal child, I would be well suited for the second heir to the throne. I could never / ever want the responsbility of being the Queen of something. Can you imagine the stress and the grey hair that I would get? I woud literally have a heart attack with worrying about every single person in my country. And if the stress didnt kill me, the people would.

There is no possible way to make everyone happy because every one has different opinions on things. Therefore I would have death threats against me everyday. I dont need something like that to worry about on top of the stress of being a queen.

I will gladly be the second royal baby. I still have the money. The palace to live in. I would have people at my feet begging to marry me and to top it all off, I dont have the extra responsibilities. I get my cake and I also get to eat it too.

Of course, I wouldnt get attention and I would be blasted by the media about every little thing I do but hey, thats what comes to you when you are famous.

Know what I mean?


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