Nosensical Nonsense

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.


Im not fond of this nonesense. Im really not. I dont understand the idea of a free write. If I wanted to vent or say something, I wouldnt have looked on the Daily Post to spark an idea…..I would have just done something else.

So……Im gonna have to refuse to do this post. I think its pointless……………plus I dont need to vent.



I just read over this and it sounded super sassy and salty. I apologize. The whole post is just confusing! Have a good day and please dont hate me for not writing about this. And you should like it if you agree with me on the nonsense of this topic.




Peace suckas!


4 thoughts on “Nosensical Nonsense

  1. I, too, started out thinking the topic was both dumb and ironic…if not oxymoronic. But I did it and it ended up being kind of fun. But, I had a response similar to yours the other day, (On Strike!) so I understand how you were feeling. And, a protest is a comment as well. We are here to voice our opinions and that was yours. No apologies needed. Judy

  2. I agree. This was not a prompt, it was a restriction. I need something more specific than “write about anything” or I end up saying the same thing. Which I did. Tomorrow is another day- I hope.

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