4 Minutes of Bleeding Hands

Hey everyone! Nice to see all of you on this fine day in this strange place. I dont know many of you….actually all of you which would  totally make me feel really awkward but in the mean time, to break up this awkwardness of being awkward, I have a story to tell you. This story will tell you many details without having to go in the nitty gritty details.

As you dont know, I was in NJROTC for 4 years in high school. I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much, I went through a leadership boot camp so I could become the Commanding Office of my unit Senior Year and thats exactly what I did. I was in charge of over 120 cadets and it was epic! But thats not my story. This is my story.


Every year we have an awards night where everyone gets recognized for their awesome behavior and doing awesome things. But thats beside the point. Each Platoon or “Class” gets to do a routine. Whether its stepping, regular drill, color gaurd or spinning rifles. This year, I was in charge of the staff routine and we decided to have swords in the routine. Does that tell you anything about me yet?

So during the actual honors night, I made sure to tell my staff to be far enough away from each other so that way when they spun the swords into a “present arms” (its pretty much a salute), they wont hit anyone with their swords. And so began the routine with staff. At the very beginning, we took our steps to the front of gym and everyone was watching. Hundreds of people, the entire company, “all of the classes” and our Instructors. And we began spinning. My best friend was right beside me at the time but indeed as mentioned before, she was too close. After her first spin, she sliced the right side of my hand open (this hand was beside my leg) and so began the bleeding.

Now me being me, I wasnt going to bring attention to it. I didnt flinch or step out but continued to go through the routine as my hand was bleeding. Yes, these swords were super sharp. After the routine, I had forgotten all about it until someone pointed out the blood on my shirt and I looked down at my hand. I made sure to get it wrapped and set for the rest of the awards night.

I worked through the pain, didnt fall out and contained my compsure.

So does anyone want to be my friend???


This picture is what a routine looks like with rifles. Imagine it with swords.


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