A Day Late, A Dollar Short

SO the other day, I was asked to write a free-write and I flat out refused to do yet another free write. So here I am with all this built up emotion willing and wanting to write anything and everything thats on my mind. So here is my free write. My vent sessions. The days I spend tucked away in my hoodie and sweats. The days I spend watching Netflix. Here I am to tell you a story that happened to me the other day. Happened to me the other night.

Ever been a third wheel. A 5th wheel. The only person in the room without someone next to you. Someone to talk to because everyone is with their significant other. Ive had that encounter many times. And its not that I don’t have someone. I have someone. That someone is only a couple hundred miles away. So when the opportunity came to go to a birthday party at a bar, I took that opportunity and asked one of my guy friends to go with him. He gladly obliged. But you will need the back story before I tell you anything more. This guy likes me. Has liked me since I don’t know. He has become a close friend and I kind of hooked him up with my best friend. They seemed to hit it off and she has fallen for him really hard. So back to the story.

He was a little tipsy to begin with. He had a few before he got there. Everyone was there. All 20 something of us. It was karaoke night. It was pretty epic. Everyone had a blast. He had put his arm around me a few times but nothing ever really happened. Then we went outside after everyone was leaving. Of course our cars were parked next to each other. He wanted a hug but then he wanted more. I could tell he wanted that kiss. You can always tell that look and just as I saw that he was about to do it, I told him no. That this couldn’t happen. That he was practically dating my best friend. Im not sure he comprehended. He didn’t understand why I was stiff arming him to keep my distance. He didn’t understand that I didn’t want anything to happen. He was drunk though. And I never mess with a drunk person. I never talk back to a drunk person. I freeze up when it comes to drunk people. So eventually he got the hint and told he would talk to my best friend which all together was a bad idea as well because I didn’t want that friend date to become a problem in where he was going to hurt her.

In the, things got awkward. He said it would be a good idea for my to break up with my boyfriend. I will admit, that my boyfriend and I have had our fair share of problems the last few weeks. But it wasn’t that easy to break up with someone you thought you were going to marry. Its just not that simple.

TO end off the night, I ended up yelling at my boyfriend for letting such a thing to happen to me. I was just mad and I apologized afterwards. I ended up telling my best friend everything and Im pretty sure she didn’t believe me when I said nothing happened. As for the guy, he was expecting so much more after that night and I told him that would never ever happen again and now he refuses to talk to me.

Hm. Why do I feel like this happens to me? That things are mis-interpreted. Sometimes I feel like I put myself in these situations.

Im not sure how things are going to go from here but I guess time will only tell.


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