Drunk Love and Cheaters

“Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.”


Who on earth would request another free write. I cant tell you how much I hate these things. I would write my entire free write on the reasons as to why I hate free writes but I have better things to write about today I suppose.

I want to tell you a story that happened to me. It was about a guy. He used to like me. He was okay. Just  not my type. He drank alot and I was the type of girl who strayed away from that kind of thing. Drinking scared me and the behavior behind drinking scared me even more.

I was invited to a birthday party. Typical. At a bar. Turning 21. The whole sha-bang. So I inivted a friend. The same guy that liked me. My boyfriend currently lives a million miles away so I had to improvise. I didnt want to be the DREADED 53rd wheel again so I invited him as a friend to keep me company. When we all got there, he was a little typsy to begin but not too terribly bad. He was open and talking and being friendly which he is usually shy as a sober man.

After a few drinks, everyone was singing karoke and having a blast. Even I was having fun. So the party ended way to soon and we all went back to our cars. Let me say first that no one was too drunk to drive home. Everyone had a level head….except maybe for my friend. He was currently parked right next to me. And so generally when we leave each other, you give hugs. Thats what I do with most of my friends. So I gave him a hug but thats when he got that look in his eye like “Im about to kiss you.” And as he leaned in, maybe from the intoxiation, I put a stop to his face. I told him flat out that kissing wasnt an option. That I had a boyfriend and that he was currently “talking” to my best friend. And those are two things that you dont mess with. Im not sure he understood, even after I kept stiff arming him to keep my distance. But like I said I dont deal with drunk people. That whole state of mind is just too complicated to deal with.

After what seemed like hours, he finally let me go home. I called my best friend right away. Im pretty sure I became the bitch who ruined everything because in a girls mind, its ALWAYS the girls fault. I told her multiple times that NOTHING happened but Im sure that night, she didnt believe me. I then called my boyfriend who didnt answer…..which made me even more upset and angry. But I finally got ahold of him and we talked it out. Him and I were having issues to begin with in the whole long distnace thing that people attempt but we decided that we were going to make it work.

So the next day, I told my “drunk” lover that things like that COULD never happen again so now…..guess what…..hes has completely stopped talking to me as if I shot him in the heart. How do you handle someone like that? I mean really. Good news, hes now talking to my best friend again but Im not sure how I feel about that. How would you feel if your best friend “boyfriend” hit on you while drunk? What does that say when he gets drunk again? What will he do then? But how do you confront yor best friend about that, someone who has fallen so hard for him shes cracked her head open.


And I know, its all my fault. I was wrong to invite him with him. But I thought he could handle the friend phase. I thought he would be a better person and not doing anything behind my best friends back. I thought he would understand that I have a boyfriend that I am commited too. And I thought he of all people would understand how I feel about drunken stupors.


I mean, its just so complicated. Why are girls so mean?? Why are guys so stupid?? and why must we always have to get drunk to feel better about ourselves? I dont know. You tell me. I would love to hear what the readers have to say about this.


p.s. I still hate Free Writes.




7 thoughts on “Drunk Love and Cheaters

  1. Even after 50 years of life, I still don’t know why girls are mean, but I do know it’s why my only real life friend is male 😀 As to how to handle him, don’t. It’s not your problem, and he has distanced himself from you anyway. Of course, keep an eye out for your friend, but she won’t come to her senses until she decided to by herself. Anything you try to say or do will make the situation worse. Go your own way, but let her know you’ll be there for her; that’s all you can do. Sounds to me like drunk boy needs to get a grip on his life before he starts ruining someone else’s…

    1. I agree with you 100%. Ive seen too many friend hurt by drunk cheaters and its a shame on how todays young generation acts. Im only 22 but I became real mature when my dad went to jail and the 5 kids had to run things while mom was at work. Thanks for the support!

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