To the drug dealers

Dear Drug Dealers,

Thank you. Thank you for ruining something good. Thank you for all the lies. Thank you for the accusations, the cut marks and the needle syringes that lay at the bottom of the trash cans. Thank you for ruining apart of my family and breaking us apart. I really want to thank you personally for all the things that you do. Because if it weren’t for you, I would still have a twin sister that would talk to me. I would still have an uncle who didn’t want to take his life. I would still have friends who knew what they wanted out of life. Thanks to you, things are crumbling all around me as we speak.

But really. Let me give you a hand and show you first hand what its like but wait…..if you’re selling drugs, your life must suck too. And that totally gives you a reason to ruin other peoples lives? Yes. Of course, why didn’t I think of that. Since your life is so miserable and horrible, you have to do the same thing to others. Oh yes, the high, the feels, the sinking down without ever having to feel anything. Hmm yea, thats nice.

So I want to say screw you and all that you do. I want to let you know that you knock the people down that are trying to do good. I want to let you know that your quick bucks you make tear apart yet another family. I want to let you know deep down that I hate you. That I hope you are caught and that you rot in jail for the things that you do. Because thats what you deserve.

I thought things would be different. I thought the “Im clean” speech would be correct. I thought I could finally talk to my own sibling. I thought things would be better than what they were. I guess I was wrong and you got the best of me once again. You got the best of someones else’s life.

So thank you. Thanks for doing absolutely nothing positive in my life. I appreciate it.


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