Eating Throw Up, No thank you.

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

Picky is an understatement. I peer at my food as if its the last thing I will ever eat. Things become intense. Texture, texture, texture. If its not texture, its the smell. If its not the smell, its the looks. And if its not plain, then don’t give it to me.

Chunky chunky: Thats disgusting. Anything with chunks in it, toss it out. Tapioca pudding, cottage cheese, salsa are things that will never hit my taste buds. Texture, smell and looks are incorporated into one thing. Eating throw up with throw up is how I see that.

Spicy feisty: Its like a fire in my mouth. Cant stand it. Peppers, spicy sauce, anything like that are the things I don’t eat.

Plain ol Jane: Im a plain kinda gal. I dont like condiments on most of my items. Plain cheeseburger. Hot dog with ketchup. Mac and cheese. Chicken Tenders.

I dont explore the whole world of taste buds. I don’t like trying new things because I am content with the things that I eat. And I know, I know I should eat more things and try new things but in reality, I just don’t want to waste money on something that I won’t like. People say try this with onions….why? You know I don’t like onions. Try this new meat. Why? You know I won’t eat meat with bones in it. Thats another issue I have. So I won’t eat meat that looks like an animal or that resembles an animal. For example, I will eat boneless chicken tenders but I will not eat a drum stick. I won’t eat steak that has a t-bone in it. I won’t eat shrimp because it looks and CRUNCHES like your crushing its entire body in your mouth. Yes, thats is a fact. Strange, yes. I know.

Things I have eaten that are strange? Not many because of what I just said above. Ive tried bugs. And sushi. Other than that, nothing. I don’t like mushrooms. I don’t like stringy materials either….so bananas are bleghhhhhhhhh.

But thats who I am. Thats what I eat and there isnt really anything anyone can do about it. Friends? They say things like “what are you gonna eat today? A kids meal? Mac and Cheese? And I will gladly join in on the fun because they can their jokes and laugh all they want but Im gonna eat what I want.

Daily Prompt, you really need to work on your prompts. The ones you are giving are becoming very tedious and un thought provoking.


5 thoughts on “Eating Throw Up, No thank you.

  1. My daughter and closest friend would understand completely the whole thing about textures. There are certain foods they simply will not eat because the texture turns their stomachs, tomatoes being a prime culprit 🙂

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