Life goes on?

The feels. The chills. And all of the amazing feelings I got from listening to such an inspirational speaker. I won’t lie, I felt like falling asleep during the first speech. The glow of the florescent lights. The smell of the chicken cooking. And the buzz of excitement literally made me want to fall asleep. But as soon as Mellody Hobson entered the room, you could feel the presence of a powerful person completing the circle of life of success. I wanted to hug her so her greatness would rub off on me but Im pretty sure that would have been super creepy and super awkward.

As she began her discussion, you could feel the room grow with silence and how every ear was turned her way. And as she stated “No one look me in the eye even though I am in charge” made me really think about how different our world really is because she had every eye on her during her speech. I could tell by the way she was talking that she had spoken to large crowds before. And then she stated that she was the corporate owner of a Starbucks Cooperation and my eyes lit up because all I wanted was a Salted Carmel Mocha.

And you’re probably wondering when Im getting to the serious part but I kinda am at that part but there are so much more exciting things I need to tell you. After Q and A, she began discussing the things about failure and how if you always worried about failure, then you could never succeed. But thats my mind set. Thats how I function because I constantly worry. There is no such thing as not worrying about anything. Failure has always been on my mind. My brother was the golden child and I for one, have always been a step behind him. I never really had the support from my parents that my brother had because by the 4th/5th child (twins), they were used to having kids doing whatever they wanted. I never had the cheering parent at my sports events or even at my change of command ceremony my senior year in NJROTC. So when you tell me to not worry about failure, thats hard to do when you are constantly trying to be perfect. Perfection is the key.

Success is key to life and she said a lot of things that made a lot of sense. Things like there is no manual for life and when you have plans, they just don’t work out the way they are supposed to. Plans manage to just fall out of place and new ones pop into place. And thats life. And as stated before, I am a perfectionist. I am a Gold. I am someone who needs my life planned out day by day and year by year and now someone is telling me to get rid of them and just go with the flow. THATS BORDERLINE TREASON! Thats INSANE TO ME! Im not sure how to handle all of these ideas of advice for success because all of these people are successful so why not listen to someone so successful.

So what is the exact cause and effect of this? How do you take this information and then throw it into an action? How do do you make something you’ve been working on so much better? It literally makes me want to jump in the hallway of my school and scream. It makes me want to throw sunshine and daisies at my students. It makes me want to see each and every one of them walk across that stage with an acceptance letter. But I know thats probably not going to happen. Thats nearly impossible. I would really like to take a step back and look at where I am. I really want to sit down and figure out what my students know. I want to make a difference for each of those students and become someone they remember but is that possible with just one year with these students? I feel like this year I will be riding shotgun on the struggle bus because I won’t see any difference in the students I am working with until next year. But I know somewhere that we can make a difference if we try and if we put our minds to it.

Clearly focus on classroom presentations.

Work on luncheon presentations with motivative speakers.

Talk to teachers and see what concerning issues they have.

That is just 3 of a million things I could do to better myself in this job. My inspiration is now Mellody Hobson. I want to be the person that people look up to. I want to be the staff in the school that students look in the eye and say “Man, I want to be successful and wise like her.”

I know. I have a long way to go. I have a lot to learn. I have a road to travel. But things will work out. People will fail and succeed. In the end, life goes on.


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