This horrible horrible world.

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

Wow. Decent Prompt for once! I like this. It makes you think….not sure how to answer though. Can I come back? Or do I have to stay there? And what are the rules and regulations. If someone dies while Im in the future, what happens then? So I want to answer it both ways.

This world. Its downright horrible. I cant begin to tell you the things that are happening in todays society. But what about back then. In the 1800’s. Why would I go back there? Womens rights and suffrage? Slavery? No medicine, electricity or any of those things? But it was simple. Things were traditional. Things were easier to do and simple. I could walk down the street without getting mugged. Crime rate was low. The economy was booming. Nothing bad happened because I guess everyone was so blind back then or maybe it really was all that innocent. So if I were to go back, I would go back to the simple times. But Id have to go back with my family and friends. I wouldnt leave them behind. Id  go back and see what George Washington did to make the world better. Id stop Japan from bombing Pearl Habor. I would eliminate Hitler before he had the chance to eliminate the jews. There are so many things I would solve. Personally I would solve the issue of my mom using needles. If she hadnt, she might not have gotten Hepatitus C. I would ensure her not to sleep around with men who had deadly diseases. Thats what I would do.

back to the future gifs 3462

But then again, why would I go to the future. It would be so high tech, no one would talk. Eyes would be glued to screens. Everyone would be lazy. And robots would control the world. The air would be so polluted and we wouldnt have fresh drinking water. There would be no nature and all the trees would be gone. In the future, there wont be just skyscrapers but there will be underground sky scrapers. The goverment would always have their hand in the piggy bank and we will have had 3 more World Wars by then. Its sad to know what this society is doomed for because we dont take the knowledge to chance anything. We are so wrapped up in our own lives to make a difference in the world. And thats what my goal is. Its to make a difference. So if I were to go into the future, I would ensure that we had the right resources. That we would treat our environment with care. That art would be appreicated and we would still have books to read. Id make sure that foods were not all genetically modified and deadly and I would ensure that we were smart with what we had and not to abuse it. Personally, I would go into the future and find the Cure to Cancer, Aids, and Hepatitus C. I would find the cure for everything and then I would get the winning lottery numbers and come back to win the lottery.

But I dont believe in time machines. I dont believe in things like that. And if I did, I would want the chance to come back and make a difference right here, right now, in this time. Because we as society, we only have one life. We only have one purpose to do the right thing. We are who we are. God controls everything and he has a plan. I wont go religious on you. I swear.

But it is what it is. And I hope we wouldnt need a time machine to make a difference because we should be making one right now.


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