Sometimes Im a B with an Itch.

Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?

Most times, its not the small things that bother me. Screw up my coffee…………guess I wont drink it. Put onions on my cheeseburger? Guess I wont eat it. You gave me water with a lemon and I asked for none? Ehh, I’ll take it out. Thing is, Im super picky about food. You say just eat it and I will not. Thats just one snobby thing that I have an issue with. Tell me to eat onions, I will shove that onion in your face and tell you to go away. I just dont. I wont make a big deal til you make a big deal.

But heres where I get snobby. When people are ignorant about other peoples rights. I am all for equal rights but I cannot stand men who refuse to accept that women are equal to them. I cant accept a man who thinks a women is inferior to him. That a women needs to be in the kitchen and at home with the kids. It really infuriates me when people say that women dont need to be doing a “mans job”. Now who has the right to say that???! No one. Thats who. Because although women may be proven to be weaker than men, we are still capable of holding our own.

Ring ring whos there? I wont answer the phone of someone I know unless Im alone. I dont like talking on the phone in public. Its not because Im having phone sex or something, I just think its really rude to do that around other people. Ill answer if its my mom or if it looks like its really important. But other than that, shoot me a text if I dont answer. That way I know its important.

Last but not least, Im really snobbish about how clean my surrondings are. Yes, I will admit that sometimes my house will be dirty and cluttered but it irritates me if I dont fix that. That goes for other peoples houses. Respect your house. You should be clean and healthy and not leaving trash around everywhere. You might be okay with breathing in mold but I am not okay with you damaging my health because you felt the need to make your house a pig sty. Respect other people. Same goes for smoking in public. You are literally killing people with your second hand smoke. Go to a private area where people dont have to breathe in hazardous chemicals. Go to a smoking area if you have to. Or go to the roof of a building. But smoking outside a bathroom where kids are at? No no. not acceptable. And my favorite is how people treat their pets. They are living animals who depend on you for support. They cant feed themselves. They cant take themselves out to use the bathroom. SO when your dog pees on your floor because you didnt take it out, dont hit them. Hit yourself because its your fault.

So Im dont  ranting for today. Those are just a few things that bother me besides judgemental people. They bother me too.

Hope all is well with the world. Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “Sometimes Im a B with an Itch.

    1. Like I said, you can choose to live your life that way but dont expect me to come over and not judge when its jeopordizing my own health. Make sense. By all means, live your life horribly and unhealthy but dont expect me to come over at all. Plus, if its my family would you want your family to say something to you?

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