Falling through glass…landing on blades.

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

Told from the perspective of my twin sister. Does this conut?


“Oh Dear, who is this strange girl. What is she doing? This girl is my sister and I find her a little annoying. She keeps wanting to move the room around. Isnt that strange? Who does that? Every month, it has to be a new set up. Its stupid. Shes stupid. But Im going to help I guess. ”

“My sister has this idea that if we move the bed around and make a table next to the window, we can create a small shop for our easter colored eggs. Its a brilliant idea. But we are some waek individuals. We cant move this furniture. Arent we like 4 years old or something? Yeah. But we still tried right? ”

“Now this is my twin we talk about. Shes usually right mots of the time. But this time, she is not. She is telling me to push against this window to push the bed. Now Im pretty sure thats wrong. But we have to move this stupid bed and sitting on the floor and using our feet isnt working. So I did watched she asked. I put my tiny little butt on that window and pushed against it.”

“Thats when shattered. Thats when I saw myself falling out the window. Down a story and onto the air conditioning unit below. Thats what I saw. But thats not what happened. Thats what I thought happened.The window did break. But I stayed there. Looking in awe at my twin and we both proceeded to look at each other until you heard angry footsteps coming up the stairs.”

“We told them our brilliant plan and thats when the yelling started. My sister Danie, she was upset. We couldnt sell our easter eggs after all. Both of us…..grounded. Simply beautiful. My sister always got us in trouble………..most of the time it was really my fault. But I never said anything. She always took the blame. She never gave up on me. Ever.”



2 thoughts on “Falling through glass…landing on blades.

  1. Good job she didn’t actually fall out of the window! I can understand that need for change though as I rarely leave things the same for more than a month or two, always shifting furniture 😀

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