An autobiography

Who am I? Honestly? I dont know. I really dont. I wish I did. I wish I knew. But I dont.

I know who I want to be. I know what I want. But I dont know where to go. Where to start. What to think. I wish I could tell you that I was successful. Outgoing. Knowing all. Content and perfect. But I cant.

Im discontent. I have regrets. I have doubts. And I have severe anxeity about the world and the future.

But I can tell you who I am as a person. I’m 23 years old. I work at a High School; getting students into college. I live by myself in a two bedroom apartment. I will have no college debt in less than a year. And I am currently not using my bachelors degree. Thats who I am.

I have serious issues that I think no one else has but in reality know that many people have the same problems but even worse.  I hate complaining and really only complain to myself.

Im doing this because I want to let the world in. I want them to know me as a person and not just a number on a grid. I want to be something more.

Thats why.

Usually my posts are much better than this. Funny. Quirky. Down to Earth. But you wanted a post about me and I dont have a high self esteem. Opps. Sorry to burst that little bubble.

But hey, other than that……youll love me 🙂


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