Damsel in Distress

A galiant rescue. Something to adore. A fire breathing dragon. The heart of a roar.

One would assume we must not rescue. The slither and sliding along the fescue.

The evil creature of Adam and Eve. Killing this probally isnt your biggest pet peeve.

I rescued a snake a long time ago. It was black with blue eyes with no where to go.

It was slithering away from a mean nasty crow. Circling above without any glow.

The bird had pecked its way to the snake. Picking and pecking like a birthday cake.

We scared the bird and picked the snake up. You would scream and stop with the most abrupt.

Cleaning its eye with antibiotic and water. The crow circled, getting hotter and hotter.

Bandanging him up and chasing the bird. We hid him in brush, it was not so absurb.

Saved one life that day and what would you choose? What if he were you and you in his shoes?


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