Comfort food and bed sheets

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

My oasis away from my oasis.  I often don’t need any one place to make me feel good. Comfortable. Relaxed. Mellow. It seems that when I am just by myself, things go the way I need them to go. Being by myself give me the control. Control to think about what I want. Control to do whatever I want. Control to curl up into a ball. Control to vent to the world. Being alone gives me this sensational feeling of being alive.

Then again, being alone makes me feel alone and sometimes thats not what you need. We need more than just ourselves to be happy. We need companions. Friends. Significant others. Heroes and enemies and people to befriend us. But in reality, being alone has always been a thing for me.

I take pride in sitting on my coach to relax. Stuffing my face with hot pocket and bagel bites. Flipping through the channels whenever I feel like flipping through channels. Binge watching netflix and being the biggest introvert there is in the world. I am the introvert. I don’t take social events lightly.

My oasis is being myself and having control. Thats just it. I love the beach. I love my car and blasting music through the windows. I love laying on the kitchen floor with my dogs. I enjoy sitting at a bar and talking to the bartender. It doesn’t matter where I am. As long as I have control over my thoughts and control over my body and everything else that belongs to my, then I am content with my oasis.


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