In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Alienation was the word I chose. I sometimes feel like this. Its something that doesn’t feel so awesome. I also feel that this picture might be a little racist due to the fact that the fish on the left is another color than those on the right.

Society has dealt with so much dealing with racism and sexism and a hatred for homosexuals. I think the world is a cruel place for allowing others to discriminate against others based on skin color, sex and even who you love. We are not the ones to judge. And if you are into the whole christian thing, its God’s right to judge those based on actions.

At one point in time, everyone in this world has been discriminated against whether you are white, black, hispanic or another race. Yes, whites can be discriminated against. Everyone has been told no because of their gender. Whether thats females in the work force or men doing “feminine things”. Who has the right to say what you can do or think as a person.

Living alone has caused a lot of pity on myself and I hate self pity. I refuse to complain but my mind wanders when I am alone. When I am alienated and it makes me wonder what Im even doing here in this very small town that I live in. Makes me wonder why Im doing this job. But then other days, everything feels right and content. Some days I am very discontent with how things are going.

I hated being alienated.

I called you up and you were in bed. I could barely make out the words that you said. You said you wanted to see me so I got dressed. Started walking in the snow. Felt the rush of the cold in my chest.

You finally came to the door. We talked for an hour or more. I asked if you would stay up til 4 and you said thats fine. Theres something I have to say. I cant because Im so afraid. I held you as you started to shake that night.

Oh my dear. I will wait for you. Grace tonight will pull us through. Until the tears have left your eyes. Until the fear can sleep at night. Until the demons that your scared of disappear inside. Oh my dear, I’ll keep you in my arms tonight.


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