Beach, Nature and Love (unexpected)

This post reminds me of a dream that I had last night. Dreaming. Something that doesnt often happen to a person like me. Knocked up on Nyquil for the last two days, last night was a medication free dream that responded like no other. First Ill work the prompt into my dream.

My home. Hometown cafe. That was in Wilmington. Forever and Always will be my home. Wilmington, NC that is. Not nasty Delaware wilmington. NC. Home of the beaches. Yes. Thats where the heart is.

Soil. Reminds me of nature. A soft kind of dirt thats in your hands. Slightly moist. With a bit of green growing out of it. Soil where the worms live and how nature repsonds.

And rain. The begginning of life and the downfall of others. Rain is pure and clean. Its love at first sight. Its the sound and the smell. Thats rain.

So my dream, itll incorporate all of these. But first I must tell you something in regards to how this dream might have occured. Last night, my boyfriend of two years wanted to break it off. It was for the better. We needed it. He was my almost fiance. I saw it coming though. I really did. But my dream, I didnt see this coming.

I was back in college. Being an RA and wondering the halls. The residents were crazy and out of control. It was the first day back in school and its like rules didnt exist. They were setting off fireworks in the bathrooms. They were blasting their bass. There were running wild. The director of housing was sitting at the end of the hall. I called my boss and he said to handle it. But then everything dissapeared. I was on a hill top, overlooking fields of fescue with the mountains behind me. I was in a dress. Not the wierd ones but the kind that people in the old days wore. I was laying beside a man or was it a boy and he asked me to picture a character. So I closed my eyes.

I imagined a flame and it was burning a paper in the same scene we were in. This paper flew into the river and at the end of the burning flames, there was a silhoutte in the water. At first it was a girl with an umbrella but it slowly turned into a boy that was once a soilder (again, in the old days) but he was wearing coveralls with a white shirt. And I picked this piece of paper up. Behind me was a majestic blue mountain with the whitest clouds you could imagine. The fields were blowing and the sky was gray. And he said “How did you get here? Wheres the story before?” I suppose he was referring to how the soilder outbeat the war and how he found her all over again. He was probably asking how a  city slicker like me in the age of technology could get back to the past to where he was. And all I said was “It just happens.” I had no answer as to how I even got there but knew thats what I wanted.

I wanted to be happy. In that field with that mountain with that soilder boy in my arms.

I was born in the wrong era. I was born to love. I was born somehow but dont know how.

Does that make sense ?


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